Thursday, March 1, 2012


My next edition to Fiverrtastic is well deserved and should have been put on here a long time ago. Her name is Fabiola and on Fiverr she goes by pinkkoala. She does amazing testimonial videos with a Latina flare! She can do english or spanish testimonials and if you order more gigs she can do both. She breaks the English-Spanish barrier when advertising to customers. Fabs is one of my favorite people to discuss because she is so creative and so spontaneous when she gets on camera and you never know what to expect. And she's just so damn beautiful. Fab I know you're gonna read it sorry mamacita but you know how to shake what your mama gave you and your not afraid to entertain in front of the camera in a classy way. Fabs has done probably more videos than anyone on Fiverr...She said she has done 1389 videos! Thats a lot of videos give this girl a gold star! Fabiola is a top rated seller and she makes her fair share of money on fiverr and youtube by doing videos. If i was a woman and I had Fabs talent I would be doing videos too. I don't think i can choose one gig of Fabiola's to choose from just check them all out. go to her username pinkkoala and check her out.

If you want someone professional who is going to give you that girl next door video pinkkoala is the best one to choose. She makes amazing videos that will strike anyone's interest. Whether it's promoting acne cream, promoting your restaurant, saying happy birthday, or talking about the newest get right quick scheme Fab is Fabulous. I really think that She could make a space invasion believable or sell Ketchup Popsicle's in white gloves on a summer day! If you're not ordering from her you're missing out. So why not order from Fabiola today? Need more convincing check out one of her videos.

Just order from her you'll be glad you did. Ok well until next time hop everyone has a Fiverrtastic day!

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