Thursday, March 22, 2012

Need a new logo?

Hey Fiverrtastic readers,
I was advertising my blog and fanpage to different Fiverr pages and Fiverr groups a few days ago. Bold move I know, but it's also a smart marketing move in Facebook's eyes, you market with crowds that would be interested in your page. It saves on advertising. I wasn't expecting too much interest, but I have gotten an out-pour of interest. People have accepted Fiverrtastic with open arms and wanted to know how they can get involved. One Fiverr seller offered to change my logo for free to be mentioned in the blog. I told the seller I would buy his gig I just had a few specific requests. I told him to do what I usually do, make 3 samples and I'll pick the best to have revised. He sent back 5! I requested the one i liked be sent back in PNG format and that was that. He did the order in under...let me repeat that.....UNDER 24 hrs. Would I recommend someone like him if all the other designers are booked HELL YES! I think he should up his Estimated time of arrival as soon as he starts getting more orders rolling in trust me i know. You'll need sleep!

The sellers name is Studiof and he is an amazing seller. He is more than just professional in my eyes he is Fiverrtastic. He goes above and beyond the call of duty of a seller, he's kind, he's courteous, and he handles himself well.  If you want someone to handle your order with professionalism and don't want to wait you might want to try Studiof . I design logos and graphics myself and I was blown away by the quality of someone who hasn't been on here that long. He is truly a hidden gem on Fiverr. He's only been on here 2 weeks and had 15 orders on his logo gig alone!

Here's some advice I want to give you StudioF make Fiverr into a part time job. Maximize your gigs and post as any different gigs as you can. For instance, can you design more than just logos. If you can you will have customers lined out the door. As long as you're not running away with some of my customers I can share I need a break sometimes. I really want to see this seller become a level 1 or level 2 seller.

check out my OLD logo/banner I designed. It's nice, but gaudy and tacky. I should have reconsidered and thought out the design:

And here is the version that Studiof did It's very clean, it looks web friendly like i create for customers, and I like the push button globe symbol:

 If you want an amazing logo and don't want to wait 7 days for me or up to 29 days for Danillo aka Fiverr seller "Logo_business", give STUDIOF a chance. I was blown away and I'm a designer! Seriously the talent that's popping up on Fiverr is amazing me and if you don't have an account on Fiverr your missing out. It's free to join so stop stalling. :) Just go to

oh and Fiverrtastic is on facebook if you don't know so "like" it and tell your friends to like it:

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