Sunday, March 4, 2012


 Are you sitting down reader! Well today I'm not discussing a seller just yet! I have decided to go viral. Fiverrtastic has become so popular in a months time that I need your help in making it that much more popular. I just made my personal Youtube page strictly dedicated to fiverr for now on. . Any videos that i do will either promote new gigs, show fiverr's newest or brightest talents, or show gigs I've bought. So, the question is are you ready! This blog has gotten over 800 views in a months time and i want to see it get more. WAY MORE! i want it to have youtube, facebook, twitter, and whatever else. I want it to be the blog everyone talks about. I want the whole world to know about FIVERR and the Fiverrtastic sellers it has. So share the blog with your friends. it takes a second of your time to post the link. 

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