Friday, March 23, 2012

Tu been hit by a smooth criminal

So I was looking around on Fiverr for a mind-blowing gig and one was right in front of me the whole time. I have been looking at this sellers gig awhile now. His seller name is Tumichael. This seller will dance to any song of your choice for $5. But, the seller is skilled at dancing like Michael Jackson. He actually resembles Michael Jackson. So I took the Tumichael challenge after he contacted me on Fiverr. I wanted to have an original video that people would enjoy. Tumichael gave me just that! This guy should be on Americas Got Talent because he would win! Tumichael is from Vietnam and he is taking Fiverr by storm. He has had 106 positive ratings on his dancing gig alone and 100% positive rating on his dancing gig. He is a level 2 seller with 97% overall seller rating. That is rather impressive considering sometimes we as sellers sometimes get overloaded with orders and experience negative reviews from time to time. It happens.

 Tumichael manages his own blog in his spare time and i've been to it, it's rather interesting. If you want to see some of earlier stuff or take a look in the mind of this seller check out this seller literally idolizes MJ in every way and if you don't take the time to order this gig you may miss out. Check out this video and see what I mean. 

I wish more Fiverr sellers were like Tumichael. If they were we would have an amazing Fiverr with a plethora of gigs. If you haven't checked out the amazing talents on Fiverr yet you need to! Just go to and sign up it's easy and it's free. If you have a talent like this just imagine the money you're missing out on! Have a great day Fiverrtastic readers. :)

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