Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Need a Little Boost

Hi Fiverrtastic readers,
Ok so I was looking for a boost in my blog view statistics. I wanted to get more viewers and get the word out about Fiverrtastic. Little did i know i would get a huge fan of Fiverr and Fiverr blogs who would be happy to help. This seller will literally blow your mind at what they can do. Although I don't usually like to buy a lot of gigs like this I want Fiverrtastic to become the most known blog on the net. The sellers username is marioarrais and he is the biggest web guru I have seen since alanletsgo. He was someone else I discussed awhile back. Mario delivered over 3700 views to my page and that's a lot of potential people noticing my gig. Plus, with a little leg work advertising my blog on Fiverr pages and groups I am getting lots of exposure...LOTS. I suggest that if you need exposure to a website, social networking, or back-linking Mario is you guy.
Here check out the picture i received showing all the different places people viewed from. This was all the proof I needed. :)
If you don't have a fiverr account yet and want a cool gig like this sign up for free at . The place where you can buy and sell services and handmade stuff for $5 and up. Just check it out today.

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