Sunday, March 25, 2012

All within a picture.

 Ok so I want to take some time to talk about the last few orders I've gotten that were artistic gigs that I haven't got the chance to review in my blog. Both are from 2 different sellers I reviewed in the past. They both do totally different art forms, but i find they are similar because they are self portraits in a sense. It's a way that ideally someone else sees me through art.  One gig was done by Fiverr seller pidge121. It was a custom ordered gig. I gave her $20 or 4 gig purchases to get a black and white self portrait done in pencil of myself in full detail. All I had to do was provide a few different pictures. The other gig was from the lady that creates Tim Burton inspired images, Fiverr seller yuniree, and it turned out amazing! Now mind you I waited awhile for both of these images but the wait was well worth it and I wanted to share these images with all of you so here is Pidge121's self portrait she made me.

And here is the Tim Burton inspired portrait Yuniree did for me

I've written about both sellers before and I've ordered from Pidge before and displayed her work. Would I order and display their work again.... YES. It's sellers like this that make Fiverr keep in  operation 25/8 or NONSTOP. The more heart and soul you put into your order the more the buyer is going to want to come back for more. 
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