Monday, March 12, 2012

Things Looking a Bit Square

Hey Fiverrtastic Peeps,
Ok so yesterday I was scurrying around everywhere trying to find the newest gig to discuss for this blog. I was hunting high and low because there are some amazing sellers but it's just hard to find some of them. Then I came across this one seller named cartoonme from my friend Sammy C. I knew about the seller and about his cartoon talents, but i didn't realize how good he really was and how fast he delivers. When I seen Sam's creation and seen he got it in 2 hours i had to order. I'll be the first to admit I'm not a very patient guy and I don't like to order a lot of gigs at one time. I make decent money on Fiverr, but money is a precious commodity and i utilize it like a tool.  This seller is probably the fastest gig I've ever ordered and i was extremely impressed by the detail. I was so impressed I wouldn't let my readers see my picture until today. Here is the picture that was created. (looks a little like me huh?)

It has a very square or boxy look to it. obviously it's intended to. If I lived in a Boxy world this would be me. It's so freakin amazing! Ok, this is not the only gig this seller does. The seller also does a plumpy version of you as well. I think the Plumpy gig is awesome's like what you would look like after escaping a buffet! This cartoonist has the style of Fairly Oddparents vs Ren and Stimpy. It's cute, quirky, and makes you want to stop and stare for hours. I suggest you go order from cartoonme for you and a friend today. You and your friend will thank you! 
Check out next fiverrtastic. We are reaching a milestone with that 1000th page view mark. That means 1000 times this blog has been read. I want to know from all of you what you favorite seller so far has been. let me know. and if you don't know yet Fiverrtastic is on Facebook and Youtube. Here is the Facebook fanpage link: 
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Have a Fiverrtastic day all

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