Thursday, March 8, 2012

Like Tim Burton? You'll Love This Gig!

 Hi Fiverrtastic peeps.
Ok the title is self explanatory! this gig is self explanatory and the seller is amazing! She draws with a style like no other and if I had the time to wait for this gig I would jump right on this order! (i'm not a patient guy I think this drawing gig is the most popular gig outside of Tofupanda's and Draculafetus's. She is taking by storm with her Tim Burton style drawings. She will make you look like a Tim Burton style character. Her username on Fiverr is Yuniree. I absolutely love this gig and think she has the most original drawing gig I've seen in awhile. I love Tim Burton too. He is the most creative mind in the animation and movie industry and if she can draw like this she should be working with Tim Burton! Click on the pictures and They will directly go to her gig!

 Yuniree is a Level 2 seller but i see her as becoming a Top Rated in no time. She has been on Fiverr 4 months and done 103 orders. (well 103 with positive reviews that are visible) She has a 100% rating and no negative reviews so you know she's good. If I had to give her one suggestion it would be to maximize her gigs. You can have up to 20. I know you're doing good with 1 gig right now, but if you have more ideas don't be afraid to make new gigs. Another suggestion is to add a tip gig. But, set it for 7-14 days or people will order it thinking they can pull one over on you and expect express delivery. Yuniree welcome to the Fiverrtastic family. You are among the greats in my personal opinion. Someday when your queue goes down i will place an order with you. Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day readers!

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