Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Need to be "Liked"?

Ok so I was searching Fiverr for a way to gain exposure to my Facebook Fiverrtastic Blog Page. I wanted to get noticed by a large audience fast, but somewhat inconspicuous. So, here's what I did. I ordered a gig where I got 1200 likes from around the world. I got various people across the spectrum. I got over 1200 likes in a matter of less than 24 hrs. This seller made it look as easy as Parcheesi. The sellers username is faecbook_likes. Yes it's spelled wrong on purpose because of fiverr restrictions I'm guessing. Why would someone use this? A contest, to gain exposure, to get a picture or comment noticed, to get people to join a group. It all depends on the person. Shopping carefully is what you do sometimes. I went through 3 or 4 different sellers to find the right fit. This seller handled my order with care, speed, and they were very courteous. If you want a seller to help you get noticed try this seller. You won't be disappointed.

If I had some advice for this seller it would be to add more social networking gigs, add a tip gig, and maximize your gigs up to 10 to 20. maximizing your gigs only maximizes your profitability. And always keep fresh, new, and innovative gigs. You got a good gig going. 

If you haven't joined fiverr join today and order off http://fiverr.com/faecbook_likes this seller is amazing. Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day. Oh and I want to thank all my viewers for helping me get to over 3000 views. Absolutely Amazing! :0

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