Monday, March 19, 2012

Gimme Some Nitro


Ok peeps so I'm back with a new edition of Fiverrtastic and I wanted to discuss a seller whom I really enjoy. I actually envy his talent. His username on Fiverr is Nitrohotfire. He's always coming out with something new and innovative and he never ceases to amaze me. He is a level 2 seller with a 93% rating. All of his gigs are video gigs but his tip gig. The reason why I chose Nitro when I could have chose lots of other people is his determination, grit, and his pride as a Fiverr seller. Nitro has many gigs to chose from to suit anyone's' video needs and he's very flexible on what he's willing to do for you. Just send him a script or send him a few extra gigs and he will turn out an amazing product for you. Although I didn't purchase a video from him I can say that I've seen his work and it is very impressive. I think some gigs that you should check out are his I will dance in a monster mask for 30 seconds for $5 and I will make a cool 30 second or longer ninja video for $5 . He even does a great impersonation of the Old Spice guy. I wish I was even half as talented as Nitro. Check out a video of his below.
If you want to order from someone who will handle you order with care order from Nitrohotfire. If you haven't heard of fiverr yet, go to and sign up now it's free to join. you can buy and sell on there. Sellers like Nitro and myself are on there selling all the time and there are new sellers and buyers signing up everyday. Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day!

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