Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Need Something Unique?

Do you need something unique for your business? How about a ransom not advertisement video? A bird named Pickle playing with your logo or print advertisement? How about a speed drawing of your logo or a written message. Whatever the gig Uniquefivex probably has it or has probably done it! This seller is a top rated seller and has been on here about 1 year. what makes this seller gigs interesting is they're "unique". I think that uniquefivex could offer a few more gigs, but the gigs they do offer are amazing. And I imagine sometimes they get really busy with orders.

What caught my eye about this user is they're logo and that they can take anyone's logo and that much more interesting. They use their own logo or the fiverr logo to make an example of the work you will get. i mean c'mon who doesn't want to see a pretty birdy play with your message.. I really think the ransom note message gig is amazing. you should check it out if you want to check out an amazing gig!

If you want a more cute gig why not hire his bird Pickle to play with you advertisement or logo. This bird is a superstar! I absolutely love this bird!

just check out the sellers gigs. check out the videos if you don't believe me.


 Tomorrow I will feature a female fire breather....if i say much more I'll give it away! So check out tomorrows edition of Fiverrtastic. Have a Fiverrtastic Day! :)

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