Saturday, March 10, 2012

He Doesn't Care If You're Advertising Viagra Or Cake!

Hi Fiverrtastic community,
So I was searching high and low for a seller to talk to for the last few days when finally it occurred to me one Fiverrtastic fellow was right in front of my face the whole time. This sellers name is Jackinory and he is absolutely stupendous! He will literally go out of his way to please a customer. Believe me I've seen some of his work. He goes the extra mile. just check out this link ouf when he did a video for Maxxo Jack got 3rd place recognition in the contest. (if you exclude Gary he would be 2nd place). Jack will literally charm you and amaze you at the same time. While I think Jack should utilize the idea of maximizing his gigs I imagine he does pretty wll by just selling more than one and selling gig extras. Jack is one of those kind of those guys you can probably party with and then talk turkey with the next day. he always keeps things professional even in the most formal of settings. Jack is someone I wish I could emulate. someone I wish I could be like in front of the camera. He has such enthusiasm, vigor, and energy. This type of work was meant for him. freelance work sometimes may not be the best paying and the most thrilling but for people like Jack and I we do it for the thrill that everyday is a new beginning.

Jack always leaves the customer wanting more and always surprised too. I think there should be more sellers like Jack because if there were we might have a more interesting workplace. He oozes enthusiam and excellence and I don't want to sound like i'm sugar coating things. If you want an original video or voiceover check out Jackinory. This guy is a 5 stars and 2 thumbs up.
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