Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Do you need help making a decision? Are you willing to pay someone a mere $5 to help you make a tough decision that you would have to make yourself otherwise. Some people get paid thousands to assist in peoples everyday decisions! The seller vaughnonmovies only asks one gig to help you make a decision. Need help deciding the color of a car, naming your child, what to name your company, or what to make for dinner at the next coming dinner party. Just give Vaughn the info and he will help you decide. If you want to chat with Vaughn about the situation order 2x.

Now I myself haven't ordered from Vaughn but i've been following his gigs for awhile. Where else will you get opinions from someone who is a media guru like himself. Vaughn does movie and video game reviews on youtube and maintains a website outside of fiverr. His website is http://www.vaughnonmovies.com Check it out it's a very interesting and well developed site! Ok back to Vaughns gigs. Vaughnonmovies has more than just an advice gig. If you want to advertise with him he will mention your company or website in his next movie review or he will put a 125x125px banner on his site. What more can you ask for! This guy has got it all. Vaughn is a Top Rated Seller so you know he's on top of his game. if you want to order from the best order from Vaughn. check out his video review of MarioKart 7 to see his professionalism believe me this guy is amazing.

Vaughn I give you an 8.8...just kidding just wanted to show you i watched the whole video my new Fiverrtastic edition! Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day readers!

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