Saturday, March 3, 2012

Mic check 1,2 drop me a beat

 If you're looking for a lyrical genius to write you a rap or poem Missoptimistic is your woman. She will literally write you the most creative piece of work you have ever read. And if you want it performed just order another gig and she will record a video of herself performing it! Alexa is a lyrical genius and in my opinion should be more than a level 1 seller. I found her one day while randomly searching gigs and I was blown away by the intro video. her performance was so amazing. She is like the girl next door who raps to you. Alexa is a tech professional living in  California. She loves writing poetry, raps, and music on the side, and figured this would be the perfect outlet to do it on! She love meeting new people, and learning new things. I had her write a rap/poem for my blog and had her be creative and do it at any speed. I ordered the lyrics and videos. She did amazing! what I got blew my mind!

I think that Alexa did an amazing job and more people should be ordering her gig! I also want to make a suggestion to her that i see with other people who have amazing gigs and loads of potential. Alexa, Maximize your gigs. Put up a video testimonial gig, put up a tip gig (people love to give tips sometimes if offered the chance), offer a voiceover gig, and offer the poems you write to be performed in mp3 as a separate gig. I'm a veteran in the game of fiverr and if i can help anyone else make it up the level ladders i will. The more gigs you have the more fiverr takes notice and the more customers take notice sometimes.

Missoptimistic is a seller you can't miss. She will create the most amazing lyrics and video for you. and for $10 you can't go wrong. Whether for a birthday, anniversary, business, website, graduation, new baby, or whatever she will do an awesome job!

check out these lyrics:
If you wanna learn
A new trade
Try a product
Hear a song
I found a man
who’s got it all
he writes it in his blog

the name is fiverrtastic
it’s on
and if you have the time of day
log on
it wont take long

he tells a story
featured daily
New talents
here to share

services for only five
you’ll have some change to spare
is where the news is at
brilliant people
and quirky skills
he write the good, and shares the bad

So try it out
And read a blog
Learn something new today
It’s the one stop shop for resources
With a wealth of info
here to stay!

Check out these videos she did 2 versions:

 and this one

Until next time have a fiverrtastic day peeps!

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