Friday, March 30, 2012

Our history is a mystery

 Have you ever wondered about your family tree. Wanted to search as far back as you could but don't want to pay the big time companies big bucks. Why not try a person here on Fiverr? I had a fiverr seller contact me that goes by the seller ID tn5rr2012. This seller promises to go back as far as 4 generations but usually can go even farther...that's highly impressive.I'm asked by some to show something practical or something interesting that would peek the interest of the majority of people. Well I imagine a majority of you wonder about your history. This seller can alleviate that mystery. Someday i might take the challenge myself but I'm not really sure I want to know about my family lineage. 

This seller is a level 2 seller and only has 1 gig. that's mighty impressive in my opinion. I know that I couldn't pull that off. If i could suggest a few thing to the seller it would be to do a few more gigs and to offer a tip gig. Besides that, I'm glad this seller contacted me. When someone asks to get noticed is when they're putting themselves out there. I admire that! Hopefully this seller someday becomes Top Rated. What are you waiting for order today! go check out the gig now tn5rr2012 . Until next time have a Fiverrtastic Day! :)

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