Saturday, December 1, 2012

Behind the blog...what i do when i'm not writing

Hey Fiverrtastic readers,
Throughout this blog I realized that with all these blogs I have never discussed my own gigs. I have never talked about what I do when I don't blog. Call it self promotion or call it a blog biopic I want you all to see the gigs I offer. My username on Fiverr is Cust0mcr3ationz and at sometime or another I imagine I have mentioned it a few times. But what do I offer? I offer many different services ranging from logo design to article writing to marketing services for small businesses. I am a graphic designer, writer, and I am skilled in creative thinking. I have done other gigs in video animation and tarot card reading but the ones I have up right now have been the most sucessful. I guess you could say I am the type of guy who could sell ketchup popsicles in white gloves. I'm the guy you want to convince a CEO why you want to land a business deal. I have the gift of gab and the gift of persuasion. I have been like this all my life and although i don't always have steady daily sales on Fiverr I at least get 10-20 sales a week and sometimes they are more than just $5 sales.
I love what I do on Fiverr and to date I have almost completed 750 gigs. I have a 93% rating with most of my gigs at 100%. I think that from what I have learned here on Fiverr I can pretty much do anything. The friends I have met on here and the clients I have met are unbelievable. If you could have told me 2 yrs ago I could have made this kind of money and worked on my own I would have thought you were crazy! Now granted I would like to be recieving double or triple the amount of gigs I do but I am content with what I do get. It is like a part time job to me some weeks. A portion of the money goes straight back into my blog and into my websites. I am trying to get more clients outside of Fiverr but right now Fiverr is my clientelle. While on Fiverr I have been able to get a digital camera, a camcorder, I'm going to be upgrading my laptop again, I have gotten a tablet, and just many other odds and ends. Again if you're interested go check out my gigs at username Cust0mcr3ationz. Anyone who orders a gig within the next week and mentions keyword "FIVERRTASTIC" in their order gets a $5 free gig extra. Ya you heard me so all of you people still not ordering my blog or promotion gig I would take the opportuntity to order now.
Next time on Fiverrtastic my seller is going to be a surprise. This one is a really cool new seller. so be sure to check the blog out. Oh and I will be doing a feature about level 1 and level 2 sellers starting next week. so if you are or you know one who has made a big impact on Fiverr get a hold of me. Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day!

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