Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Two thumbs up for Joeman101

Hey Fiverrtastic readers,
Hope everyone had a great Christmas! Today I come to you with a really neat gig. This seller is the go to guy for your video, audio, and graphic needs. He has a gig where he will work on your project needs for a video, audio, presentation or print graphic. The sellers name is joeman101 and he's only been on Fiverr 30 days and already doing good. I think that he should actually be getting orders on the one gig he wanted me to promote, but surprisingly he isn't. It's a shame too. I usually don't write or feature non rated sellers or sellers with little experience very often.

But, I was in this guys shoes once. We all were at some point and finally someone gave us a chance. It took a few people to believe in my gigs before I actually got where I am today. I don't have the best percentage, but my average stays steady at 94% and I always get orders. I am a sucessful level 2 seller. I always get order requests and messages on a daily basis too. I think we tend to overlook the new buyers and head to buyers with more experience sometimes. joeman101 has my vote when it comes to a creative gig with a nice setup and nice description. He gets 2 thumbs up!

joeman101 This is where I start to play devils advocate. Ok you have me promote you virtual assistant gig yet you have it listed completely wrong in the keyword section. It covers more than just photography and photoshop. Try listing it as business and virtual assistant. Change a few of the keywords too. another suggestion would be to create a few new gigs. Don't do a logo gig it's been over done. Maybe a poster gig, newsletter gig, presentation gig if you dont have one, or maybe even a few writing ones. Seriously I see some potential in you. I want you to become a level 1 or level 2 seller so get to work. Get out there and promote yourself too. Go to the Fiverr forum and even contact people on the requested gigs section looking for jobs. The more exposure you get, the more longterm clients you'll land.

For anyone wanting to check out some cool gigs check out joeman101 and you'll be glad you did. This seller has some really nice gigs and he's rated 100%. Keep up the awesome work joeman101. Never mind the silly graphics, they are there to distract attention from the constant flow of text. Ohhh by the way I will be working on the newsletter this week. I am also going to be rolling out new stuff on the website soon. I have given up all hope on editing it and thinking about having a professional on Fiverr Until next blog have a Fiverrtastic day!

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