Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Top 5 Reasons you should work at Fiverr

Hey Fiverrtastic readers,
For many of you you either read this blog and don't know what Fiverr is or you don't know the potential money you could earn! That's a screenshot of Fiverr. I want to give you the top 5 Reasons you should work for Fiverr.

5) You can make money for your services $5 at a time. Five may not be a lot but if you're good at selling it can add up quick!

As you can see I have made almost $3500 to date here on Fiverr

4) Fiverr is EXPANDING so it's no longer just $5. If you prove you're a good seller you can earn hundreds of dollars a week. Level 2 sellers can sell $20 and $40 gig extras and Top rated sellers can sell $50 and $100 gig extras. My average sale is sometimes more than $5 but it depends on the person. sometimes they order a $5 gig and if they like my service they come back with an even larger order.

3) Fiverr has a Forum so you can actually meet a lot of sellers and talk about thier gigs and what they do. You can literally establish new friendships and possible new clients.

2) Fiverr is the only gig site that is expanding everyday where people are actually making good money doing what they love. It may take a few months to start seeing some money rolling in but don't give up.

1) You can literally work from home as a level 2 or top rated seller and possibly quit your job or reduce your hours at work. How many places do you know that you can work and make your own schedule.

So why not try giving Fiverr a chance. And if you don't have a service or handmade good to sell why not look around and order. Ordering on Fiverr will actually benefit you in the long run because you're saving money on quality products and services. People have even made music videos, popular youtube videos, advertisements, and popular logos here on Fiverr. Give someone on here the chance to impress you today. It's Christmas time there are a lot of cool gigs out right now. What are you wating for go now! .
Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day all.


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  1. Hey Josh,

    Absolutely! I'm a copywriter who dabbles on Fiverr as well :)

    It's pretty fun to find different services/ things to sell for $5 - and the fun challenge is coming up with upsells!

    Good post,