Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Behind The Gig...Caiterz

This seller is inspiring. She is a level 1 seller working on Fiverr to attempt to make a living and to work from home. She lost her job due to medical reasons. Now she is just trying to make a living slowly but surely one gig at a time. The sellers name is Caiterz and she is a really nice seller and her gigs are very original.

1) Where did you hear about Fiverr? What was your first gig?

I was doing research on another user for feedback... when trying to buy a video game off of them from livejournal.

My first gig was someone who wanted me to design a logo for their powerpoint presentation. A fake business called Big Bobs BBQ

2) How many orders do you receive per week?

On average, like 1/3 of an order, lol. I dont get many orders, unfortunately.

(Maybe when busines picks up things will  get better)

3) How do you promote your gig?

Post in the forums, that's about it.

(You might want to try more than just forums. Something as simple as getting someone to blog about you, making a facebook business page, or making a youtube page may help tremendously.)

4) About how long does it take to complete your gigs?

Depends. Usually anywhere from 1 hour to... over 35 hours :x

(You should never spend over half an hour to an hour on a $5 gig)

5) What are your goals when you become a level 2 seller?

WHEN I become one? To keep selling.. TO become one? Hopefully more promotion/editing of keywords.

(in order to get more sales I would constantly keep your gigs edited and try and find the best keywords possible that fit the gig)

6) What have you invested in your gigs already? Is there a lot of overhead cost involved in your gig.

Absolutely nothing. lol. I've used what I've always had. 

(Just an FYI you cannot expect not to invest anything. Another idea is that if you don't invest money, invest time getting your name out there. Also make sure you constantly update your gig. It keeps the gigs fresh.)

7) What is one key piece of advice you would offer new sellers here on Fiverr?

Always OD on Fiverr ;3 lol

That's some really good advice! So remember everyone check out Caiterz gigs today! Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day!



  1. inspiring and hardworking...

  2. Thanks for the interview! lol!

    I know that I need to promote more and stuff... just can't find the time with everything i have to do, even with few gigs o.o;

    And for that positive thumbs up, I'll work however long it takes! lol

    <3, Cait

    1. You're very welcome and may you have much success some day soon.

  3. "You should never spend over half an hour to an hour on a $5 gig" <---That made me giggle! It takes me 30-45 minutes to get my clown makeup on, 10-20 minutes to write a script but only a few minutes to record the video. Of course that doesn't count my husband's 30 minutes or so to edit. Wow we give a lot away for $5! Perspective! Great interview!!

    1. Giggles your a clown for God sakes...the only real Fiverr clown. I think it's all in how fast you complete the gig. The preparation and final work is all inclusive. You do amazing work! Believe me I don't just say that lightly! I'm just saying that something like working on a professional graphic or professional video thats going to be viewed and resold should cost more than 1 gig. That's where upselling is important.