Friday, December 14, 2012

Internet research on a shoestring budget

Hey Fiverrtastic readers,
Sorry it's been so long since last blog. I have been trying to keep up with a daily or semi-daily blog but the last week has just been hectic. Do you need someone to act as a research assistant. Well if you do stevebraun is the Fiverr seller to buy from.  He has 2 different gigs I would like to give a mention to. The first gig is he will source-any-product-you-need-from-china-or-hong-kong. Are you looking to research a product that's made in China. well then this gig is for you. If you're trying to understand customer relations between you and you Asian business partner, then this gig is for you. Many people do business with imported goods and the main countries they conduct business with is China and Japan. In order to undertand your Chén, Huáng, Wáng, or Liú friends you must understand their business. So this gig is truly for the business savvy who either wants to learn about an Asian importer or a competitor.

 stevebraun also helps businesses find and source the special product(s) that they are looking for overseas from exotic places such as China, Hong Kong,Turkey or even Israel. I provide them with the contact information of the factorys that are verified and reliable and can also negotiate with them to get a price quote as well.

The next gig I want to talk about is he will conduct-internet-research-on-any-topic. This looks like a very popular gig right now. He has 2 orders currently and he has had 11 positive ratings. This gig looks very promising. If you want gigs on culture and business this sellers gigs are for you. You really need to check out this sellers gigs if you're a big or small business owner trying to learn more about international relations.

stevebraun this is the part of the blog where I play devils advocate. I like all your gigs or most of them anyways. But, here's the thing there will come a time when you realize which ones are selling and which ones aren't. give it a month or maybe a few months and you will see which ones are selling. The ones that aren't selling either delete them or suspend them. I really think you should put up a private investigation or virtual assistant gig. I have got 1 order off my virtual assistant gig so far. The seller hasn't rated me but I got an order. You need to get your feet wet and try out different things. You look like you have some amazing gigs. Just have fun with it and you will go far. I will definitiely be catching up with you soon to see if you have become a level 2 yet.

Next blog I will be talking about Fiverrtastic and how it has reached over 20,000 views. So keep an eye out for that blog. Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day.


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