Friday, December 21, 2012

Despite her seller average, this seller rocks

Hey Fiverrtastic readers,
I came across an amazing seller here on Fiverr. Her name is jaynuary and despite her average here on Fiverr, she has made a ton of sales. She has literally revolutionized what it takes to be a determined seller in this field. She has an 83% and when I first met her it was in the high 70% average. I kid you not. The reason she lost a lot of clients and sales plumetted was her camera broke and that can happen to anyone. Just remember that, no one is invincible here on Fiverr and customer relations are important. Force cancels or customer late cancels will kill your score. I know that first hand. I haven't been able to get my score to move past 94% in months. This seller makes some awesome videos and the samples speak for themselves. You need to check out her gigs today.

Here is a video of hers:

January I have a few suggestions. Until you become a levels seller if you do soon add some upsells in the gig description that people can pay for by ordering more gigs. Things like script writing, HD, or different settings. If you have other ideas come up with new gigs people will eat it up. And lastly, maybe you can do a voiceover gig if you have a mic.

Well I just want everyone to know I am thinkg up ideas for my newsletter and I just need to create it. If you want to be updated please subscribe to the blog and be the first to know about it instantly. Until next time have a Fiverrtastic Day!

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