Saturday, December 8, 2012

Be on the lookout

Hey Fiverrtastic readers
Lately I have been coming to you with top 5's because I'm trying to switch things up a bit. Today, I want to talk about video testimonial sellers who are making great strides here on Fiverr. These are the top 5 video testimonial sellers making an impact on Fiverr right now.

# 5 mingmingdiensty This seller is lol funny and I can't get enough of him. His gig "I will record a voice over or video of me speaking in an Asian accent for $5" makes me bust a gut. I see this seller dancing gangnam style straight to the bank soon.

#4 darville This seller is #4 because he has had a ton of completed orders, but his last delivered on a testimonial gig was a month ago. He has one in queue on 1 of his gigs i see right now. But he has a lot of experience and he's a level 2 seller. He also does guitar lessons and many other gigs too.

#3 kandisandiego This seller is amazing! her gig count is always high and so is her energy. She is a level 2 seller who looks like she is always busy. Keep on the look out for her. I think her testimonial gig is very enegetic and so cool. Best of luck to her in the near future.

#2 cindiva or better known as giggle blossom the clown. She was featured on Tosh.0. How many others have been featured on that show. Her gig where she will dress up as a clown and deliver a message makes me smile everytime I see it and when i see the clip on Tosh.0 it makes me laugh. Check her out now.

#1 would have to be  rinandkagura because these 2 girls are the hardest working girls on Fiverr hands down. Their gigs are so cool I love their dialogue between 2 girls gig. It is so funny! I think these 2 have a future in doing actual commercials or acting. Keep up the good work girls.

Well that's it for this edition .  I'm not sure what next blog will be but we're so close to 20,000 views it's within Fingertips so I was thinking about ordering a video testimonial. I think Cindiva is the best choice but not sure yet. Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day!


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