Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas got a little easier with Fiverr

Hey Fiverrtastic Readers,
Today I come to you to talk about Christmas. Some of you may wonder hmmmm may there be one with the whole Mayan Apocalypse crap. Just keep happy thoughts and realize that we as humans survive everything and anything. Christmas is coming! We survived the millenium, 060606, and even Huricane Sandy. Let's just focus on Christmas. Ok, so on Fiverr there are a whole bunch of different gigs you can order that are cool gifts for any occasion...but especially to bring yuletide cheer. I will list 5 of my Favorite gigs you should order right now for a loved one for Christmas

  5) This one is my Favorite. It's called a Wigglo Pet. It's a fake caterpillar you don't have to feed. You get a large one and a junior sized one with your order. The sellers name is Lewski711 and she is a seller on Fiverr with her mom i think. All of the gigs this seller has are so cool. Check them out.

  4) Keep the dream alive and send your child on a magical journey with a Willy Wonka Replica Gold Ticket. Maybe it's not a child and maybe it's a huge fan. Whoever it is they will love the different gigs she has to offer. The username is Elfstacy and she has some amazing gigs. Check them out today!

  3) The next one I want to mention is Professorpuppet! How can I forget the professor. He did an amazing video for me when my blog reached 10k views. He has a special Christmas video gig for a limited time only. You need to go check it out and order from him today. His videos are superb! If you haven't heard of him and you heard of Fiverr you live under a rock in a cave. I don't have the video to the christmas gig so just click on the link or the picture.

  2) Another seller you should be familiar with from reading my blog is Breka27. He creates some amazing hand drawn works in his own graffiti or grunge like style. I have ordered off him 2 times and I could order off him every week and still be amazed more than the last. He has a gift for art and if you aren't ordering from him stop waiting and order now!

 1) This seller is an amazing seller near and dear to my heart. She makes amazing masterpieces. I have only ordered off her once, but I plan to order again in the near and coming future. If you haven't guessed by now a top 5 would not be complete without Madmoo. She literally epitomizes what it means to be a freelancer in my humble opinion. There are many other sellers who fit that same bill. But Angie has that quality that others seem to lack. She always comes up with new gigs on the fly and she knows how to sell to the customer. Kinda like myself and a few other I met, Angie can literally convince people to buy something just because of the aestetic quality and not for a need. She could sell cocoa on a hot summer afternoon because people like her personality!
So there you have it. I will discuss some more christmas ideas or other gifting ideas in a new blog coming soon. I also plan on updating my site and updating the blog some more. If anyone knows anyone who has some blog subscription gigs let me know. I need to come up with some questions to send my level 1 and level 2 seller friends for my next blog series. Well I have some article orders to do now. Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day. :)

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  1. So nice post.. :)
    And yes, Madmoo is my fav too. Others are also good. :)