Thursday, May 2, 2013

Pictures say a lot about a person

Hey Fiverrtastic readers,

I was going to discuss a few facebook like gigs but I would rather keep them anonymous. Today I'm gonna talk about 2 amazing artists I ordered off. The first one has been doing illustration awhile now here on Fiverr. She is the newest sensation on Fiverr and her username is Hironan. Shes been on Fiverr less than a year and is already a Top Rated Seller. She recently created a banner for my new website. I changed web hosts and had to start from scratch. I decided to have her make a banner based on my ideas. I basically wanted a pair of scissors and a pencil to fight. Since i'm a creative writer and a graphic designer i thought it was a funny idea. She made this awesome creation for 

The next artist helped me create a tattoo design of a 2 faced joker. His name is aoianeru and he's new to Fiverr! The creation he made was so amazing I have to give him praise. If you want something slightly complicated drawn this guy is right for the job. Here is the picture he made me.

Each of these artist have there own style and believe me their gigs are worth ordering. Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day and stay safe.

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