Friday, May 24, 2013

To be late or not to be late that is the question

     Today is supposed to be what would have been Fridays blog. Some would say it's Saturday. Ir's blog #3 and I want to talk about how you can maintain client relations and still deliver late. Have you ever got overwhelmed with orders and had so much going on you became sick or exhausted because of orders? Don't let it happen. You shouldn't need to up the estimated time either. There are a few ways you can alleviate customer tension.

    The first one is a very popular and easy one but be careful. it's a technique called "The IOU". If you're getting down to the last few days deliver as complete and explain to the customer when you will deliver. Ensure that they get the order before you get the payment.

   The second one requires some finesse and that's "actually delivering late". It requires good communication and over-delivery. When you do this the client will trust you and order from you again. They will realize you are an actual human with an actual life. We lead a life where we don't have 2 week to one month orders and some of us have multiple other obligations. Some of the buyers have 10 other orders so they don't even notice what's going on unless you have constant communication  Some don't even care! Just be careful of the 25% or so of customers who expect orders on time or quicker and only have your project on the back-burner. Many people it will be their first time on Fiver ans if they are unhappy at all it may be their last so leave a lasting impression.
Never be scared that you need to cancel or that a customer will cancel. They will only cancel if you don't communicate their needs and 99% will not give bad feedback. They will only give bad feedback to get attention like a kid having a tantrum. Just have dun and keep selling!
Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day.

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