Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A writer to sink your teeth into

Hey everyone,
Have you been looking for a Fiverr writer to help you write your next novel or online fan fiction. Sorry right now I'm kind of burned out ad going to attempt to take a vacation again next month. With Fiverr I can do that. Ok so who can you order from...well i'm going to make a collection of different writers but this guy is new on the scene and I need to write about him. I need to give him advice too before he burns himself out in a year or less...I can't believe I have made it 2 yrs. Ok so who is this Fiverr prodigy...strike that. I have not ordered from him but her has some decent feedback The Fiverr sellers username is rdwylder and he has some really cool gigs. The gig I want to talk about is his horror writing gig. I want to tell everyone I absolutely do not like writing something strictly horror. But for $5 this guy will write up to 10 pages of horror. If I had an idea and I really needed something written I would order this. Do you see where I'm going with this. You get even 3 or 4 gigs in 1 day and then 1 or 2 another day...before you know it you better have someone helping or bringing down that page count or you could be writing 100 pages or more. 

I think this guy has some really good gigs if he could just get the word out. His writing specialty is that of the paranormal and the horror genre. When I first seen rdwylder gigs I thought he was clinically insane...no I think he's a genius if he just fixes the gig as the orders fly in. rdwylder read this close because I am going to give you the advice needed to hopefully become a level 1 or level 2 seller. I'm going to be honest and tell you they hand out top rated status to gigs who sell a lot and are "original"...go figure. So here's some tips and tricks to get level 1 or level 2.

Tip 1: Be active everyday and respond to projects on the buyer requests bar.
Tip 2: Have Fun and welcome new customers with open arms
Tip 3: Be Humble. (thank Sam Cornwell for that one) I learned a long time ago that the buyer is your employer. Fiverr just outsources jobs based on skills. You could always quit Fiverr and come back with a new account. You could work somewhere else. You could even start up your own site or sell through Craigslist...but a freelancer is his own employee never his own boss.
Tip 4: Never be afraid to admit you're burned out
Tip 5: Don't "Force Cancel" early in your career. I suggest you never do it but too many will screw up your rating forever. If you need to cancel agree with the customer to do a Mutual cancellation or get Fiverr support to give you an Admin cancel.

Here's a little more advice for you that may help:
If you have other skills besides writing and proofreading add other gigs. Fiverr likes a variety of gigs to choose from. I looks good to the editors when they want to feature you. Oh and by the way get your friends to feature you on their blogs and on Facebook,promote yourself on Pinterest, and even make business pards or postcards to get the word out...it helps me out.a site called realisticdropcard. Whatever you do here on Fiverr just have Fun with it. Tomorrow I will talk about a groundbreaking thing I will be doing for this blog that will keep me quite busy. Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day.

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