Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Creating a website worth it's weight in gold

Hey Fiverrtastic readers,
are you looking for a website designer. Do you have all the content but don't have anyone to create the site. I think I have the seller for you. The Fiverr sellers name is soco79 and they are a level 2 seller with a 99% rating. They will create a professional grade website with great security/one extra feature for $5. Ya you read it right $5. In the description they explain it's 4 pages with no special bells and whistles. You have to provide the content and the seller creates it. There are not too many web design gigs on Fiverr so when a seller offers to create a site on Fiverr it's worth it. The seller asked me to mention this "My goal is to help wordpress users get the most out of the site and solution to maximize the readership, user experience and profits"

This seller has probably the most genius gig. I think anyone who needs a website or needs their website freshened up should order the gig. soco79 I would like to give you some gig advice. First, my biggest piece of advice is to make some different gigs. Keep your gigs fresh...you have a lot of technical gigs. Next, your tip gig should be higher days. Maybe 7 days is good because if someone orders something and it's not a tip your not rushed by the 1 day time. Also you should change the title to say it is a tip gig. One other suggestion is maybe a web design gig with basic services like designing one fully customized page...then you can charge a $10, $20, and $40 gig extra. 

If you need to order a web design or wordpress related gig  soco79 is the seller to check out. Fiverrtastic is starting a new feature where we do 365 blogs in 365 days. Help us reach that goal starting with the next blog. :) Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day.

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