Saturday, April 20, 2013

psychics of Fiverr rejoice

Ok I know I have mentioned psychics on this blog before. I ordered from a Tarot card psychic and a Psychic skilled in Clairvoyance and psychic readings through tarot and pendulum. Noth of these psychics were very believable and amazingly accurate. 

First let's discuss Blondey and her skills. Straight away I could tell her gigs were legit or she is good at making you believe. She did 2 separate readings on me. One was with yes no questions and the other was to tell me about my past lives. The past life one was dead on/ She said I was an Egyptian prince who was jealous of his brother and wanted nothing more than to rule the kingdom. Sounds legit. I'm extremely envious of my brother to a point of extreme jealousy. My brother gets the attention I only wish I could get.

The next psychic actually messaged me. She uses playing cards to do her reading..It's a technique known as cartomancy. I can read tarot cards and playing cards so I was intrigued. She answered 3 questions for me and sent 3 different images from different readings and an audio file. It was well worth it. Here seller name is jasmindolly. She did an amazing job and when my girlfriend listened to the audio she was able to validate things too. If you need a truly impressive reading this chick is the real deal. Those cards are literally gifted and she is truly amazing. So remember that if you want a good reading go to these 2 sellers. Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day.


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