Monday, August 20, 2012

Voices of Fiverr

Hi Fiverrtastic Readers,
Today I want to discuss my gig I ordered awhile back from my friend and the top rated seller kiwivin. He will play your commercial during his online radio show multiple times for $5 and believe me the commercial he creates with haleylujah and oldbittygrandma is amazing! You will literally be amazed by the quality of the commercial you receive. They will place the ad on the radio show for 2 weeks and it will drive a lot of traffic to your gig or website. The radio show is from a website known as blogtalkradio and here is the direct link to their radio show. You need to check it out it is on every Sunday at 8 pm GMT. Look it up what time it is available in your area. They have been playing my ad for a month, but that's because I'm Fiverrtastic for crying out loud. Just kidding. For the first group of people that ordered they decided to run the ad for the first 6 shows or something like Just like i'm offering a month for the first 20 orders of my website gig. Honestly, if you haven't checked these 3 out you need to they feature a new Top Rated Seller as a live guest once a week and they never seem to disappoint. I have heard a lot of cool gigs that I have checked out because of them. Vince, I hope you see this because creating this radio show was a really good idea for the 3 of you. Everyone should take advantage of this gig it's a huge deal.

Here is the radio ad that they created for me. I did a zippyshare file because at the time I didn't have the file on hand to do a multimedia presentation and wanted to get the blog written. Remember to check out their radio show and go check out each of their gigs. You won't be disappointed. Next time, I will be talking about the gigs I got my mom for my birthday. These gigs are awesome one is a photo dog tag gig and the other is a caricature gig. Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day!

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  1. Thanks for the feature Josh!! Yes, we have a unique radio show featuring Kiwivin from New Zealand, Haleylujah from Canada, and myself, OldBittyGrandma, from the USA.

    If anyone is interested in advertising on BTR's Voices of Fiverr, check out this Fiverr gig:

    Many thanks Josh and we love your blog!! :)