Thursday, August 9, 2012

Have a Welsh Happy Birthday

Hey Fiverrtastic Readers,
Today is another Fiverrtastic day. This next seller is an amazing Top Rated Seller by the username of Welshbloke. He has some very creative and innovative gigs that would cheer up even the meanest person. One of his gigs I really like is that he will sing Happy birthday to you in Welsh, wearing only a thong and wooly hat for $5. I absolutely love this gig. I wish there were more gigs like this! How many people do you know do their gigs on camera in just a thong and a hat? Not really too many. Just the idea alone is creative and innovative. Welshbloke is a native of North Wales and an actor by profession. He started on Fiverr out of curiosity, and his gig took off from the first day. The fact that "happy birthday to you" is sung in Welsh seems to be a big novelty attraction. He always try to over-deliver with the orders, and his customers really seem to appreciate it. Awhile ago he was featured on another Fiverr blog a top rated seller named Twistedweb123 writes. The site is I really like this gig and I really think you should order it to cheer up a friend and wish them happy birthday. Check out an example of a  birthday video he's done below.

 Welshbloke I have some suggestions for your gigs from one seller to another. You have some amazing gigs already. I don't know how many orders you get but I imagine it's a lot sometimes. You could come up with a few other ideas like dancing gigs or cheer up/get well soon. You have a fit and photogenic body for a thong. and you're very comfortable with the camera. I imagine you could make some awesome videos. Also, I noticed your tip still has no rating. Are you promoting your tip gig to customers at the end of your gig? It's good to promote the gig extras and the tip gig. Believe me customers tip sometimes especially when a seller goes above and beyond. So promote that tip gig. Besides that I don't have any suggestions you're a top rated seller and you're doing well.

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  1. This is Awesome way to surprise your love ones..