Sunday, August 19, 2012

Lullaby and goodnight

Do you want an original gig that will be worth your money. This seller I am featuring today will compose an amazing musical piece that can be used for a special occasion, advertisement, or for a lullaby to help serenade you to sleep.The sellers username is Liongabriel and he has some really nice gigs. He's a level 2 seller here on Fiverr and he creates some amazing music. I wouldn't say he's the next Guitario because well Chris is just multifaceted. But, I would say Liongabriel is very friendly and a very nice down to earth individual. He is also a web designer by trade and he offered to work on my site. I respectfully declined right now because I'm stubborn and like to do things on my own. I  wanted to order his gig later but my click happy mouse hit his order now button. I know he will do a good job though. When he finishes with it I will blog about him again.

His gig took off thanks to social media. A few Fiverr sellers I know and myself all advertised his gig on the same day or within a few days of eachother on Facebook. Right now he has 13 orders in queue besides mine. I think musical gigs and art gigs are so amazing! I could order art and music gigs all the time if I knew what to do with them. If you're interested in ordering from an amazing seller look no further than Liongabriel. Just remember a $5 order is for a basic instrumental composition with one instrument. If you want multiple instruments it will cost as much as $30 or more. But, it is so worth it to have music done by him.

here's a video of a piece he did for another Fiverr customer.

Liongabriel I do have a few suggestions for you. You could offer web design gigs and SEO gigs. You could also offer other different music gigs as well as the chance to incorporate music with advertising some how. Like maybe offering a royalty free track you create and offer a basic intro video to advertise peoples business. $5 is just the starting platform. You could literally make lots of earnings just off customers ordering multiple gigs and your gig extras. Remember Fiverr sellers $5 is just the asking price for a gig. You can give the customers the smallest of gig offerings and they would order multiple gigs because you gave them such amazing service. I sell logos and other graphic design stuff and I offer 3 basic designs per gig. A lot of customers will order more to get faster service or a lot of elements added to the one order. Fiverr is changing rapidly and if we don't keep up we'll finish last place. Until next time don't forget to check out Liongabriel's  gig. You will not be disappointed. Don't forget that Fiverrtastic now has a website too @  Go check it out now. I'm always trying to keep it updated and I am offering ad space for 1 month to the first 20 fiverr sellers who order. Until next time have a Fiverrtastic Day!

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