Saturday, August 25, 2012

A gift to last a lifetime

Hey Fiverrtastic readers,
Have you ever looked for a gift and realized hey I need something simple, practicle, fun, and sincere. I had to find an amazing gift for my mom and did just that and turned to my faithful friend Fiverr.  Look no further than Fiverr for a lot of your basic gift needs. You can find some amazing hand made gifts and some amazing drawing gigs. arnolds makes some great customized dog tag jewelry They also do all different other custom products and the dog tag i recieved was worth way more than $5. If you want to check out some of their other awesome products go to or You all have got to check out these talented people. arnolds I think you should some how incorperate more $5 products on your fiverr account and you should tie the stick figure store in some how so people can get a feel for both products. You should also ad a video to each gig and don't forget to subcategorize. take advantage of the gig extras too they will get you more sales. Besides that you're a level 1 seller and I wish you all the best. Here is a picture the dog tag they sent me.

The next item i ordered was a $5 caricature from a Fiverr seller named coolart and this seller made an amazing caricature drawing for me for my mom. what i did was took 3 other previous orders and put all 4 together and it's the many faces of Josh. This is a must have for people who love artistic gigs. and artistic gigs don't last when the person starts getting multiple orders. they sometimes need to take a break for personal or home life reasons and well they just leave and come back when they can. A gig like this is a must have! If you want to check out some of this sellers other amazing gigs like their graffiti art gig believe me you won't be disappointed. coolart you're a level 1 seller and the only advice i can give is get ready for level 2 because when it happenes it will be a bumpy ride. You will have higher gig extras, more clients, and customers like to press buttons when you're a higher ranking seller. I wish you all the best of luck and I will follow up with you when I order the grafitti gig from you. Here is the caricature i recieved.

And here is the image i made and later put in a frame.

(these are 4 different orders, the other 3
 I have discussed in previous blogs)

So if you need something fun and simple for your next gift for a special someone just turn to someone who is a seller starting out like a new seller or level 1 seller. Level 2 and top rated sellers are amazing but when you have a popular gig everyone wants it like hot fresh bread. It may take a little research but it's well worth the wait. Or if you're patient and not in a time crunch which i'm always both then order from a level 2 or Top rated seller. The 2 sellers today were level 1 sellers and darn good ones. This will not be my last order. Don't forget that Fiverr now has subrated categories now so it makes it easier to categorize your gig and easier for people to find you .


I only give advice because I want sellers to be sucessful in every gig they have here on fiverr. When I first started my sales were great, but the customer service was bad. After 2 force cancels and having to revive and shut down gigs that don't work. Having to convince customers to change thier rating, and well pretty much keeping a positive track record all my gigs are above 90% and most of them are 100% perfect rating. I have a 94% rating overall. I am a level 2 seller and I've been here on fiverr 2 years. I get orders daily and I sometimes am lucky i can keep up with the orders i have and write my blog. I just found out the blog is on the 2nd page of altavista, 2nd page of yahoosearch, and 3rd page of bing. Don't forget to check out my site I will be updating it again tonight or tomorrow. until next time have a Fiverrtastic day!

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