Saturday, August 18, 2012

Omkar the logo designer

Hey Fiverrtastic Readers,
There is this seller that I know named Omkar who goes by the username nikitaroy. He will design an amazing logo for you or superimpose you into a photo with your favorite celebrity. This seller get's a lot of orders sometimes on his logo gig...currently he has 24 orders in queue. He gives a 7 day turnaround on all logo projects which is a really good lead time. I believe he shares an account with his sister, but he must have quite the workload. Check his gig out

Omkar, I have a few suggestions for you and maybe this will help you get even more sales. If you can design more than logos make other gigs for it. For instance, if you can design professional posters there are always people needing advertisement posters. You can use your gig extras to get people to buy revisions, more designs, or faster delivery. If you can do multimedia presentations like powerpoint and windows movie maker people love ordering that stuff. Sell it as $5 per so many slides. You can have up to 20 gigs so don't limit yourself. Ohhhh and you should increase the lead time by a day or two. I have a lead time of 10 days on my logo gig and I still can't finish multiple orders on time or until a day or two before they are due if they all start piling in. Oh lastly, if you lose your ranking as a level 2 seller again just get a hold of me. I was able to get mine back in less than 2 weeks.

I am acquainted with Omkar through Facebook and I think that he has a lot of potential. He has that fire in his belly needed to complete jobs when everything is overwhelming. He's ambitious and determined. I think that if you order from him at username nikitaroy you will be happy with the product you receive. So go check him out now! If you haven't checked out my website you need to check it out at: If you haven't heard yet I have an advertisement on the blogtalkradio weekly radio show called Voices of Fiverr. I will be writing about that advertising gig received from Vincent, Haley, and Jo sometime throughout the week.  Until next time have a Fiverrtastic Day everyone.

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