Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Chin Is In!

Hey Fiverrtastic Readers,
Ok so this next seller took a hiatus for awhile and just recently came back. I promised to feature her when she came back.  she won the timeline banner contest so I'll be featuring some of her gigs in detail in a later blog. I will also be changing my facebook banner to show her chin banner she made.  She was extremely popular awhile back with a gig in which she used her chin with eyes and a drawn on nose and sometimes a wig. I am NOT talking about that mock artist Meekabe. (I take copying someones original gig very seriously). I am referring to the original chin of Fiverr, Chinelope. She caught my eye a long time ago with her brilliant videos and her amazing creativity. She will say anything like a message or testimonial using my chin as Chinelope for $5. 

But, that's not the only gig she has. She also has some really amazing stop motion gigs and she has a british voice over gig. If you want gigs for your money you should order from Chinelope. She will make an awesome creation for you. I have seen Quite a few of her creations and I have to say I am very impressed by her enthusiasm and dedication to her product. Chinelope will create something very cool and will go above and beyond what you even expected in the first place. Three days for an Estimated time of arrival for a testimonial video is pretty reasonable too. Ok, so just remember the Fiverr seller name Chinelope if you want something original from a chin. C'mon who can't use a chin video sometime or another. It would make a great birthday video or get well soon video for sure! It would also make an awesome video for a children's story. It would be way more than one gig...but it would be a cute little chin reading it! Whatever the order Chinelope would sure appreciate it. :) heres a video for her stop motion stationary and stop motion post it note gig below.

Chinelope, I honestly have no suggestions but to keep trying to advertise your services and get your name back out there. Besides that just keep coming up with different chin and stop motion gig ideas for the holidays. You will definitely get business again now that people know you're back. Meekabe will be feeling the heat now!
 Oh before I forget. I have a testimonial contest coming up as soon as the timeline banner contest ends. It will be 2 weeks long and the question is simple "Why Do You Like Fiverrtastic?" or "Why Do You Want To Be Featured On Fiverrtastic?". Just make a 15-30 second video (no longer than 30-45 seconds people have short attention spans) giving people your reasons.  Until next time readers have a Fiverrtastic day. :)

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