Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Signature gig 2.0

Hey Fiverrtastic readers,
I recently was looking for someone to make me a unique digital signature. (the picture above is just to illustrate the type ofsignature i was trying to avoid) I didn't want a hand drawn one you had too scan. I didn't want one where you one got 1 or 2 choices with a few revisions either. So I decided to order one where I got 4 different choices with different file types. The seller's name is shorya95 and he will design 4 killer Professional stylish Signature or Vectorise your signature for $5. I'm telling you right now you need to check this gig out. This seller is absolutely amazing! I am so happy with my signatures. I have decided on either using #'s 2 or 3. it's amazing what this seller was able to come up with.

shorya95 I'm surprised you're not currently a level 1 or level 2 seller. Your gigs are amazing and your portfolio is really nice. You did an amazing job on my order. I really don't have any suggestions for your seller profile except to put videos up and to update your gigs regularly. You have some really nice gigs and can't suggest much else.

Here is 2 of the signatures he sent me that i really like:

 Next time, I'll talk about a website advertising gig you can't afford to miss! Fiverrtastic is approaching 20,000 views and needs an unnoficial spokesperson to kick off the event. If you do testimonials and might be interested get a hold of me. The last Fiverr seller that kicked off 10,000 views was Professor Puppet. So get a hold of me if anyone is interested. Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day!

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