Monday, November 12, 2012

Ask Chris Hardy

Ok Fiverrtastic /readers I'm coming out with a new feature where this week I will feature different Top Rated Sellers who answer a panel of questions I sent them. Now I am friends with a lot of Top Rated Sellers being a Fiverr blogger and all, but that doesn't mean all of them are willing to answer. Chris Hardy, the voice-over and voice professional extraordinaire was the first to answer my questions. His answers blew me away.  I think any of the new or struggling sellers could learn a lot from this interview. Here is the questions I asked him below and the answers he gave.

What is your highest selling gig and is it still active today?
That would be my “I will speak your message in the cartoon voice of your choosing” gig! Been active since September 2010.

How do you promote your gigs? What has been the best method(s)?

I do very little promotion – I’ve seen pretty decent results from placing an ad on

(Never heard of the site so i checked it's like Craigslist just not as known i think)

About how many orders do you receive on average per week?

Hmm, for all my gigs it’s about 5-10 per day, so maybe 35-70 per week.

(wow that's a lot of orders!)

What thought process goes into a new gig and how often do you try and create one?

I try to come up with something that no one would think of. Haven’t created a new gig since march 2012 and that one was just selling a digital copy of my CD. Not terribly creative there, but I’ve sold a few so far.

How long does it take for you to complete a gig on average?

Depends on my life outside of fiverr – fiverr is one of my 3 jobs. Some things I complete the same day. On average, I’d say 2-3 days.

(Wow that's lightening fast Chris!)
Do you receive a lot of gig extras? How do you upsell your gigs?
I’d say about 50-60% of my orders have extras. The only upsell I do is when buyers ask how soon I can deliver and I’ll direct them to my rush add-on.

If you’re late on an order how do you prevent a customer from performing a late cancel?

I’ve not been late yet!

How often do you contact support about situations regarding a customer?

I usually contact support over bugs in the system. Don’t think I’ve ever had an issue with a buyer that I couldn’t resolve.

What is your best and worst experience on Fiverr?

Best – repeat buyers! Worst – that time when I wasn’t getting paid due to a glitch. Grrr.

What advice would you give to a new seller or a seller who has been around awhile but not doing as well as they used to?

We all have talent – find yours and don’t just do what everyone else is doing, you’ll get lost in the crowd. You gotta be yourself and you gotta be patient.

Chris Hardy, The voice over artist and musician that we all come to know and love we now have a deeper understanding of his work and how busy he really is. Awesome interview answers Chris! It's a wonder this guy even sleeps! Sometimes, I wish I could be Top Rated Seller, but after the few responses I have got so far, I am glad I'm only a level 2 seller. I am sometimes swamped with gigs already. I'm not too skilled with the voice over or video gigs, but if I was it would probably be a nightmare. I love my graphic design gigs, but not that much! Thank you Chris Hardy for the amazing voice overs you have done so far. I will be ordering more from you soon.

Next time we will be talking about Kymmypops and how she sells on Fiverr and what advice she has. Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day!


  1. thanks Josh! looking forward to reading how all the others answered these questions. see, there's something i forgot to mention - you can always learn something new from other sellers!