Sunday, November 11, 2012

Need advice...i'm your guy

Hey Fiverrtastic readers,
Welcome to blog #150. I have been asked recently if I would be the word to the masses and give some much needed Fiverr advice to the "Newbies" of the Fiverr community. Well you all came to the right place because I can definitely help. I'm going to be doing a few different things that will help the Fiverr community with thier sales and to build that much needed customer rapport. here's is my top 10 words of wisdom to being a better seller here on Fiverr.

(10) The primary image to each gig is extremely important. Make sure that each image is of the best quality possible so the customer can see a good example of your work or see how you present your gig. an overused clipart or shoddy work will not get many clients.

(9) The video is very important! make a nicely made presentation or a video of you doing the work. if you can't create the video pay someone $5 on Fiverr to help you create one and add your own elements.

(8) make business cards, flyers, postcards and other advertisments. Believe me you will need print advertising later.

(7) Pay someone to write articles or blogs about you. The more exposure you gigs have the better. If your gigs aren't recognized in a search engine or easily able to be found people aren'y ordering.

(6) Keywords are important. if you have to research what keywords are best for your gig then do so. The better keywords you have the better sales you will have!

(5) Order services off other Fiverr sellers and make your services that much better. If you're a logo design company don't make your own design...have someone else help make your company name. That what I did for my graphic design website! If you write blogs for people pay someone to guest blog for you. The world is at your fingertips with Fiverr!

(4) Offer to trade services with other sellers. For instance, if you know both of you could benefit from eachothers service offer to trade. Instead of both paying $5 it's going to cancel out anyways. or offer a free gig extra if they order your gig in exchange for them giving you some sort of extra incentive.

(3) Make Gtiends with other Fiverr sellers. Add them to facebook, twitter, linkedin...wherever. build a Fiverr community!

(2) To follow up on number 3 you need to build as many friendships as possible so like different Fiverr pages and Join different Fiverr forums and Fiverr groups. Linkedin has an amazing Fiverr group for Fiverr sellers of all levels. If you have a linked in account and haven't checked out this group why the hell not!

(1) Never give up! No matter how hard it get's never, ever give up! there sre so many other things you probably could be doing but if you want to be a freelancer and want to be working for yourself and be your own boss Fiverr is the right step in the right direction.

With that said, I think this is my cue to exit stage left. I am going to be featuring a new segment on Fiverrtastic similiar to Adam's on not a video segment. I will be featuring different Top Rated Sellers who I have featured in the past who will answer questions about their careers thus far. I think that sharing their answers with you and featuring these sellers again, for people who may not have read earlier blogs, is a great experience. So far on deck I have Chris Hardy. I think Chris Hardy is unique because he is an amazing voicover artist who has done a lot for the Fiverr community. He's already done 2 projects for me and I have many more ideas down the road for him! Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day everyone!

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