Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Arjun...the Sultan of speech


Hey Fiverrtastic readers,
Welcome back to a third installment of ask a Top Rated Seller. I got Arjunrocks to answer these questions from his perspective, and belive me it was some quite wild answers! He was so ecstatic to answer the questions that he had them done in a jiffy. Arjun and I are really good friends on Facebook and we talk frequently. I was so amazed at the conversation we had. This guy is a total riot to talk to. Here is the answers he gave me to the questions below.

What is your highest selling gig and is it still active today? Highest selling gig is my Multi languages Traditional Attire Video Gig, which flashes image of India and India lovers likes it..yup, it is  still active today.
(This gig is an amazing gig! I love all of Arjuns gigs but I love how he can speak different languages. I have ordered his drunk gig before and he was quite convincingly drunk in the gig promoting my blog. Whether or not he was is another story?)

How do you promote your gigs? What has been the best method(s)? Promoting Gigs and that too at right time requires skills..When buyers orders you, Show him your other gigs, Request him to share this gig with his friends, facebook promotions is cool too and Most important have your Business cards always in pocket and if you realise that someone is worthy then just drop your card in her pocket.
(Well now that a lot of us are getting business cards hopefully we take advantadge of them. :) I ordered the business cards and they turned out awesome. If you haven't taken advantadge of them and you are a levels or top rated seller what the heck are you waiting for!)

About how many orders do you receive on average per week? Every week is not same, infact every day is not same but on average, I am not sure but it would be 25 above orders per week..Though I am having potential to do 1000 orders per week easily but Flow of orders is uncertain.

(Arjun has literally recieved more than 1000 orders since on Fiverr one of them inclusing mine. I truly love his work.)

What thought process goes into a new gig and how often do you try and create one?
ans- something really unique and out standing, which makes me stand out..i don’t think that this will affect my image as if it comes to business, one had to be very creative. My One gig in two months pops up.

How long does it take for you to complete a gig on average?
Hardly an hour, cause most of my gigs requires outdoor locations, so my bike and camera had to travel lot to cover these locations. Then Fast internet to Deliver work.

(Well that's pretty....when does this guy ever sleep!)

Do you receive a lot of gig extras? How do you upsell your gigs?
Not lot of, around 3 out of 5 orders would be having extras, some buyers like ordering basic gig many times easy so alls cool..

(I know how that is. Arjun has a very cool technique for recieving tips or upsells though...he over delivers. If the customer gives him a simple order he delivers in HD or does other services like that. Believe me, his video for me was awesome so I tipped him!)

If you’re late on an order how do you prevent a customer from performing a late cancel?
I am never late in Delivering order..Never means Never..
(Again why am I the only one who gets swamped with orders and sometimes delivers just before the deadline or late and has really nice customers.)


How often do you contact support about situations regarding a customer?
Very rarely, one out of 100 buyers is risky buyer so if things goes bad, Support Aka Big Brothers are always there to help you , if you are asking genuine help.
(I absolutely love support. I think Ryan and a few others know me too well.)

What is your best and worst experience on Fiverr?
Best Exp-Buyers asked me to make a love video for her girl,video was natural awesome and full of feelings. My love video was played in one hotel projector and that guy proposed to her, and She said yes…So couple is my good friend now and believes in me.
Just an
 Awesome feeling, I was Cupid..haahaa
Worst exp- yeah there was a buyer who ordered, I delivered , he asked for a re-do, I did, he blackmailed me to cancel order or he will leave negative feedback, I was bound to cancel.
 P.S- He still used my delivered product on his website. :(

What advice would you give to a new seller or a seller who has been around awhile but not doing as well as they used to?
- BE unique, Delivery should be on time, Be polite, after all Customer is God and be sincere not serious.
(Thank you for that nugget of knowledge Arjun! We all wish we could be more like you in some ways! I like to try and emulate my top rated seller friends and pass on my knowledge i learn from them.)

So that's Arjun in a nutshell. Hopefully I get another seller contacting me with a Q&A because if not I'll just be going back to doing what I do best and that's talking about peoples gigs. Oh and Fiverrtastic has reached a milestone 13,000 views. (not as many as I want but it's all good) I plan on getting just a little more exposure with a few web advertising gigs I want to order. But, I think Fiverrtastic has been doing just fine. We're on the 2nd and/or 3rd pages of most popular search engines when you search "Fiverr blogs". I actually have a few gigs I want to talk about and they will be coming up very soon. I think that doing a daily interview feature is helping out this blog tremendously. I think I might do a video vlog series or do interviews with level 1 and level 2 sellers. Completely different format and questions, but I'm thinking of something. Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day!


  1. Doode, This is Amazing..superb..mind graphics are awesome...haahaa
    i love them...

  2. Great Article Josh. I really enjoy reading about Arjun. I love how his Indian accent comes out even in his writing. Arjun you really do Rock!