Friday, November 16, 2012

Drawn out of the box

This last Top Rated Seller in my questionairre series is a doozy! She was a last minute reply and I really wanted her to answer back anyways. She is probably one of my top 5 favorite Fiverr sellers. Her username is uniquefivex and she does some really creative gigs. Her specialty is speedwriting and stopmotion based gigs. right now her studio is in disarray due to Hurricane Sandy but she is still able to do whiteboard animation. Mary is an amazing seller who I have been following since I wrote about her many months back. So follow me as I ask uniquefivex the same questions with some truly amazing answers back.

What is your highest selling gig and is it still active today?

- The gig I have the most orders on is my “Speed Color your Logo” video gig, which is currently inactive due to my work space being flooded by Hurricane Sandy. I plan to bring the gig back up when I have a new space set up to do these, hopefully sometime in December 2012! And ever since I got power back, I am able to run my new Digital Whiteboard Animation which is also pretty successful.

How do you promote your gigs? What has been the best method(s)?

-My “SpeedColor your Logo” video gig is featured on Fiverr, so it gets seen a lot more by buyers because of that.
(I love her speed color gig. It is so creative. I will have to order the whiteboard one maybe. Check out this example of a speed writing work she's done.
About how many orders do you receive on average per week?

- Between my Speed Coloring gig and my new Digital Whiteboard Animation gig, I can get about 20-30 orders per week.
(That is a very solid amount of gigs.)

What thought process goes into a new gig and how often do you try and create one?

- I think about what is popular currently, and pay attention to trends. I try to stay relevant and modern, putting myself in a buyers shoes and think “Would I want to buy this gig?”
(Pay attention newbies she's on to something. Copying gigs or putting up gigs too many other people already have can only hurt you sometimes. research your audience.)

How long does it take for you to complete a gig on average?

- It depends on how large the order is and how much content the buyer wants. I think it is fair to say I spend about 15 minutes per $5.
(She's faster than Dominos Pizza.)

Do you receive a lot of gig extras? How do you upsell your gigs?

- Yes, I would say that 80% of customers add on gig extras to their order. My sample gig shows what a video would look like with extras added, and I think that helps nudge buyers into purchasing them.
(Wow now that's customer service! a $5 service like this getting so many extras...that's awesome!)

If you’re late on an order how do you prevent a customer from performing a late cancel?

- Personally I have never been late for delivering an order, and the reason for that is because I make my turnaround time longer than I think I can deliver the video in.
(not even going to say anything...grrrr)

How often do you contact support about situations regarding a customer?

- I contact support probably about once every other week. Fiverr's support is extremely fast and helpful!
(I haven't got a hold of them in about a month. They're probablt glad that guy with the crazy spelled username hasn't came back yet! awesome job Mary)

What is your best and worst experience on Fiverr?

- I'd say my best experiences are when buyers let me have creative freedom, or give me some creative ideas for their video. My worst experiences are when buyers try to haggle with me and/or are picky, it is a real bummer!
(I hate hagglers! They just ruin your day!)

What advice would you give to a new seller or a seller who has been around awhile but not doing as well as they used to?

- Put yourself in the buyers shoes, and look at trends on Fiverr and on the web. Do something that not everyone is doing, but if you are doing something that is common, put your own personal spin on it.
(There ya go that's Mary in a nutshell)
My next blog I will be talking about Puppetgrams gigs. I will be back to doing what I do best and that's juding peoples gigs and giving them advice. I also bought gigs from 2 different sellers and want to discuss their gigs too. So, until next time have a Fiverrtastic day.

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