Thursday, November 15, 2012

He hasn't lost an arm yet, but he's lending a hand to you

Hey Fiverrtaestic Readers,
I'm back with another top rated seller who answered questions. You may remember him from Tosh.0. He has a thing for Fireworks, Chainsaws, Knives, Fire, and pretty much anything else dangerous that makes a normal person squeamish. He's like Criss Angel without the creepy magic. Yes I'm talking about Mr. Marcus. He is one of the most innovative sellers on Fiverr I have ever had the chance to discuss on my blog. He also has some very unique gigs that have to do with his trade, which is street performing. I asked him the same questions and got some very laidback answers that I was not expecting.

What is your highest selling gig and is it still active today?
Chainsaw – and my firework xmas gig is gonna kick in soon….
(I just featured his christmas fireworks gig on my page and I think he's gotten enough orders to supend it for now. When i looked last night he had like 2 or 3 orders.)


How do you promote your gigs? What has been the best method(s)?
Being a feature seller. That’s really it.
(There's gotta be something we can all do to advertise our gigs. I just had to buy from a web advertiser to promote my gig. Fiverr isn't there all the time to help us because theres like 1 million active gigs and counting.)


About how many orders do you receive on average per week?

Depends. 2-20


What thought process goes into a new gig and how often do you try and create one?
No thought, just trying shit out…

Sorry, stuff out.. I usually go for “whats the stupidest thing I can do, and then do

Something even stupider”.


 (Well that's an honest and noble answer. I don't want to lose my finger for $5 but Mr Marcus is a professional kids. just take a look at the Tosh.0 video)

How long does it take for you to complete a gig on average?
Depends, with extra (live juggle…) about 25 minutes, I need to cut that down though. I have revised my juggle gig so focus more on a generic video where I can just edit something in and don’t have to reshoot the whole video each time..

(sounds fun if only I could do video gigs...again i'm starting to see a pattern)


Do you receive a lot of gig extras? How do you upsell your gigs?

Yes – i.e. basic gig is the knife juggle but the extra is the chainsaw.

I do the same thing with the firework and the unicycle.


If you’re late on an order how do you prevent a customer from performing a late cancel?

Never late

 (I'm starting to see a pattern here)

How often do you contact support about situations regarding a customer?

3 times so far in over 700 videos/customers


What is your best and worst experience on Fiverr?
Worst – guy told me he paid for the extra – went back and forth, no you didn’t, yes I did. Bla bla….

Anyway, didn’t do the gig for several months, (really late) and then I found he had purchased the gig but didn’t “active” it.

Anyway, I did the gig, with the extra, sent it, perfect rating, but he still hasn’t activated the gig..

Oh well…


Best- my chainsaw juggle was on Tosh-O.

 (yes the Tosh.0 appearance was amazing!)

What advice would you give to a new seller or a seller who has been around awhile but not doing as well as they used to?

Nothing I can say. Its all about luck and having the right gig at the right moment.

Make a good video.

Try and be original (don’t copy my gigs!!!)

Be friendly and understanding of your customers.

Go the extra mile. Definitely go the extra mile.

Be Quick it will help you gain exposure and move up the levels.

Very informative thanks for all the help Mr Marcus! I was so happy you answered my questions. Tomorrow, I will be discussing questions from Uniquefivex. until then have a Fiverrtastic day!

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