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Pop goes the Kymmy

Hey Fiverrtastic readers,
In this edition of Fiverrtastic we will examine questions answered by the amazing, sultry, and seductive Kymmypops. Yes the one who made a wallpaper for the Fiverrtastic fanpage with her lips and a piece of paper. Kymmypops is a Top Rated Seller and has been awhile now and enjoying every minute of it. On her gig page she says she has completed  2200+ gigs. That is a hell of a lot of customers. I have only had just under 800. She has been having a lot of success with Fiverr since becoming a top rated seller and since doing lots of different creative promotion and advertising techniques. So I sent these panel of questions to a series of Top Rated Sellers not expecting all of them to answer. Come on, they're top rated and some of them are very busy. But, I have had 3 responses so far. Here is the answers I recieved from Kymmypops.

What is your highest selling gig and is it still active today?
My video testimonial gig, it was my first gig and it's still going strong today.

How do you promote your gigs? What has been the best method(s)?
I don't really promote my gigs but It's something I'd like to do more in the future. I've only recently started promoting my gigs a little on my facebook page (

About how many orders do you receive on average per week?
It varies and I don't really keep track of the number of orders. I keep track of revenue because you can get 1 order for $50 or you can get 10 orders for $5 each.

What thought process goes into a new gig and how often do you try and create one?
I'm constantly playing around with my gigs, testing what works and what doesn't and of course it's all free to do which is why I love Fiverr. I try and create a new gig once every couple of months but I don't think it's important to have 30 gigs going at one time. I concentrate on the ones that sell most, the ones I enjoy and seasonal gigs. I get ideas for new gigs from my current gigs, thinking how I could improve and sometimes customers.

How long does it take for you to complete a gig on average?
This varies too lol, it can take 10 seconds or it can take 10 minutes. It depends which gig this is, how detailed it is, how much work is involved behind the scenes, editing, my upload speed, if I'm having a bad day, it really depends on a number of factors.

Do you receive a lot of gig extras? How do you upsell your gigs?
I have a lot of customers who buy gig extras. I just see what is requested a lot, try selling it as a gig extra and if it makes me some sales, I keep it there. Some aren't so popular so I keep those options free. It's all about trial and error and what works for one person, isn't guaranteed to work for another.

(This is very informative because upselling is different for everyone. When I didn't have a level 2 rating i could still get people to order multiples like no tomorrow. it's all in how you approach a customer. Don't be afraid to offer more services and haggle with a customer.)

If you’re late on an order how do you prevent a customer from performing a late cancel?
I'm never late, LOL! I've been late once, but I was waiting for a product to arrive in the post. I just messaged the buyer, explained the situation and said they can re-buy or they can let the order over run but they had to promise not to cancel and I got their permission to delete their feedback if they did cancel.

(am I the only one that reaches late or almost late around here. I get a queue of like 10 or 20 orders and I go into panic mode.)

How often do you contact support about situations regarding a customer?
I try to only contact support when it's urgent or something I have no control over, but it's probably at least once a week... But this is normally due to cancellations, refunds, unresponsive or rude customers.

(I  haven't contacted them in awhile but I would every other day if I had to. They know me by UserID and face. The guy who asks silly questions or wants to avoid a mutual cancel. The picture below is me when a customer frustrates me.)

What is your best and worst experience on Fiverr?
My best is experience would probably have to be my first “big” sale when I became a Top Rated Seller, just such a great feeling, and the customer still returns each week for a video which is nice, I love returning customers :). My worst experience would have to be a very rude customer I had to deal with. They left me a negative which I couldn't get removed by Support so I had to grovel to them, apologise for them and re-film 3 times (with free gig extras) to keep them happy. It was only a $20 order, nowadays I would have refunded them but this was when I was earning a lot less.

What advice would you give to a new seller or a seller who has been around awhile but not doing as well as they used to?
For a new seller, I'd tell them to put up lots of gigs to help them find their niche. Don't copy others as this will just get your suspended lol, but you can see what's popular, take inspiration from it and make it your own. DON'T invest money into new gigs, let it naturally sell and grow.

For a seller whose not doing as well as they used to, I'd tell them not to worry. I get weeks where my sales drop and I panic but Fiverr is always up and down. Take a few days off to relax. Create a new gig. Analyse your old gigs, ask yourself, what can I do to improve this? If I was buying this gig, what would I like/dislike? How is mine better than my competitors? Maybe offer more value if it used to sell a lot but now isn't. If it's only been a few days/weeks, don't panic or drop the price. Maybe try promoting it? Get involved on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.

And here are some questions I asked her later on in the night yesterday, before I decided to write the blog today

What other work do you do outside of Fiver or is Fiverr your only source of income?
Fiverr's my only source of income.

Would you ever quit working your current career to pursue working from home or launching you own business?
My current career is working from home on Fiverr, I used to be a waitress and I quit that for Fiverr. I would maybe like to have my own business one day in the future though.

What is the main reason you joined Fiverr in the first place?
I think like a lot of other people my main reason was for the freedom. I love being my own boss, decided when I work, how much I work for, when I can take time off, what I do, it's great!

Just hang in there and relax. Let the work come to you

Now that you have got to know a little bit more about Kymmpops you're that much closer to selling like a pro here on Fiverr. Kymmypops I will probably be ordering off you again someday soon too. Tomorrow, I'm going to be talking about Arjunrocks and the answers he gave me. Believe me this guy is something. If you're not familiar with him he's been mentioned my blog and he is a content creator on my facebook page. Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day!

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