Friday, July 12, 2013

Turned into a Family Guy

Hey Fiverrtastic peeps,
Ok so this gig is rather interesting. If there is one gig I love it is art gigs...especially avatar gigs. Ok so this seller will turn you into a Family Guy character for a mere $5 and if you want extra detail well they have other gig extras. The sellers name is melcasipit and if there is anything I love it's Family Guy and American Dad...The characters have such a look that's human yet still cartoony...unlike the Simpsons. I have ordered a Simpsons gig, a zombie gig, and a Tim Burton gig before...but this gig by melcasipit is by far unique. You need to order this gig and have the family guy experience. :) 

Check out the picture she made me below:

This seller has some unique gigs by far. melcasipit I think you should heed a little advice and add a few more gigs though. You have some nice gigs but add a few different illustration gigs like this one. I was blown away by your unique talent. Maybe you could also add videos to each gig showcasing some of your samples. Do it as a Windows Movie Maker video. I have faith you can do it. :)
Well that's it for now...until next time have a Fiverrtastic day all.

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