Thursday, July 4, 2013

Top Rated Sellers are taking over!

Hey Fiverrtastic Readers,
Ok this is more of a rant and some sellers may not agree. I am not going to call out names I just want to get this off my chest. I asked awhile back if there was a chance for me to become a TRS and if not how could I fix it to where I could be considered. If you don't already know Top Rated Sellers are Editor Picked. That means someone hand picks them or you message Fiverr and they pick you based on sales and based on what your performance is. I haven't had many bad ratings or cancels based on me failing to deliver on time. If I'm not on time I message the customer and They mutually cancel or wait and I get a glowing review still. Now that Version 2 has came out Top rated and featured sellers are dominating Fiverr. Seriously, at this rate if Fiverr keeps up a lot of angry sellers will be heading over to other sites or selling on craigslist and Fiverr will be all but a faded memory in a year. 

 Here enjoy a picture of a jet skiing cat!

Ok so back to what I was saying. I can name one seller who hasn't been active in a year or more with a 93%. While one who is currently active who have percentages lower than 95% and are still Top Rated Sellers. Out of respect and privacy for their friendship/business on Fiverr I will not name them. The one person has a  90% and on one gig alone has numerous cancellations from customers due to not delivering on time on quite a few gigs. How can that person still be a Top Rated Seller. They are just barely a level 2 seller. I know my Facebook admin will not be too happy with this post, but seriously I'm not jealous or angry. I'm just concerned that Fiverr doesn't have it's priorities straight. Fiverr Support said my gigs were not original enough to be considered for review and said that I had too many negatives. Really? A lot of my negatives are customers that are no longer with Fiverr...believe me I checked. Even the guy who left a nasty review and tried writing a nasty blog thinking it would make a difference no longer has an account with Fiverr. I would say that Multiple customer cancels looks worse than negative reviews. Customer reviews can be deleted or fixed...a cancel cannot unless support literally fixes it. That would mess up analytics. Fiverr just doesn't want to see some people like myself be a Top Rated seller even though I would rake in a lot of sales. my catchy slogan, business naming, short story, and blog gigs would bring in a ton of gig extra but Fiverr would rather not see that. Sorry but that saddens me. I will blog about a seller I ordered from tonight who is part of my new blog banner. Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day!

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