Thursday, July 4, 2013

Once bitten, not shy

Hey Fiverrtastic readers, 
Ok so I ordered from an amazing seller recently and got the order yesterday. It was absolutely amazing. I was so impressed I had to blog about it as soon as I could and I had to include her in my cover page. Ok the Fiverr sellers username is peach93 and this gig is very provocative. I absolutely love it. The gig she does she sells a lot of is she will write-any-message-on-my-finger-and-sexily-bite-it. I think this gig is so original and I just had to order it. If you want to see what she gave me here is the order below. 

This gig is so cool and I really don't have much suggestions for other gigs or other ideas. Maybe if you had a few other advertising gigs or a sign gig it may give a little more exposure but this gig and your translation gigs are doing pretty good. Ok well hope to work with you again soon and have a Fiverrtastic day all. 

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