Friday, July 5, 2013

Here phishy phishy phishy!

Hey Fiverrtastic readers,
Ok so tonight I want to talk about Fiverr safety. If it smells like a fish, it looks like a fish, it's probably a fish. I seen a few discussions on the Fiverr forum about how there  were more and more phishing scams and fraudulent buyers and sellers on Fiverr. I'm not going to hold your hand, give you a lollipop and tell you that Fiverr is completely innocent, especially now. Fiverr version 2 is creating more and more desperate users than before. If you get a message with a promise to meet outside of Fiverr for a larger paying job or if the person attached a document with information to contact them, avoid them at all costs! A) Why can't they order multiple gigs or multiple times and fulfill this large order on Fiverr. B) if they messaged you i'm sure they messaged 100 or 1000 others and maybe have multiple accounts. C) get all the info you can from the buyer and don't give any personal info. Send it over to support and the buyer will be removed. Do not click on any EXE's or anything that could hold a dll file. Zip files are bad if you don't know the buyer and if you extract the contents without viewing them you could get a virus. Seriously, if you get logged out of Fiverr at all after talking to someone fishy immediately close out of all the screens, scan your computer for any malware or hidden Trojan viruses, and then restart your computer and internet connection. Make sure to change your password frequently and make sure you keep an eye on your profile and make sure the email or paypal info is not edited. All you can do is be careful.

I have also been noticing that other gig sites and freelancing sites are now trying to redevelop their sites again to be like Fiverr. Why...I honestly don't know. The interface is beautiful but the search bar has more bugs than a beehive. Seriously, Fiverr need to fix this or I predict about 80% of the workers will leave....ya kinda discouraging. But ya, just want to tell all of you to not be so naive. If a buyer wants to order from you outside of Fiverr or set up work outside of Fiverr it's a scam. The price is usually in the hundreds...usually $450 or more and they target sellers with good ratings or new sellers. Just be careful. Don't let someone phish around and steal all your hard earned money and sign in info. Just be cautious about every move you make. Also keep an eye on your email. Hackers like to take computers hostage making your main email hostage to sending out links.

Lately I have been looking for other things to do with my time and realized that my blog has become very important. I have also been looking for other freelance websites. Sorry Fiverr friends but Fiverr's got issues. Until Fiverr mends it's shot foot, I guess I will just get random orders and orders from regulars. But, it's all good though I have some other ideas too. I might take up painting or write a novel. I might keep you Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day! 

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