Thursday, June 20, 2013

You spin me right round

 Hey Fiverrtastic readers,
Do you have a new website and need some help getting it some exposure? Maybe you have an article that needs a little spinning. Are you looking for someone to spin your article and all others have failed miserably. This seller has sold over 7700 orders on his article gig alone and the gig is literally unstoppable. If your article has original content and you’re sick and tired of all of the other article spinners doing a terrible job and still getting $5 try his gig. The sellers name is mikemeth and he is a top rated seller with 99% positive feedback. This sellers credentials are unbelievable. He has been on Fiverr 3 tears and has sold over 20,000 orders. That in itself is an impressive feat. If you want to order from someone who is a skilled SEO professional look no further than mikemeth. Don’t let any of the negative feedback steer you away they might be his competition just trying to ruin his reputation. This seller is the one you go to if you want help in article spinning, backlinks, and live blog comments. mikemeth is the type of guy companies look for to help make their website grow and expand. Don’t hesitate and check him out today.

mikemeth here’s where I get kinda brutal and give my humble opinions about your gigs. You need to maybe try adding a few newer gigs. You have been active 3 yrs and while you have some very impressive stats maybe you should try offering different services too. I also notice that none of your gig extras are more than $20. Maybe you should try to find one gig where you can offer a higher gig extra. Sometimes people like to see what “more” money will get them. Another thing I noticed is not all of your gigs have videos. A video and good graphics make a gig worth checking out. When Fiverr irons out all the kinks in the next few weeks the sales pages on version 2 will look great so just be prepared.

mikemeth I also want to mention that you have some really nice gigs and I am excited to see how well you will do when Fiverr makes the change. You have the better gigs compared to everyone else so just keep doing what you’re doing.This sellers services are worth way more than one gig especially his gig where he will spin and submit Article to over 1200 article directories, top gig 200+ backlinks for $5. Check him out today what do you have to lose but $5 right? Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day.

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