Monday, June 17, 2013

The new Fiverr

                                                                     (Version 2.0)

Hey Fiverrtastic peeps,
Today I am going to review the new Fiverr. After being on the waiting list I finally got to try it out and for the most part it's quite interesting. I like a lot of features but then there are a lot of features it's lacking. Maybe if one of the guys at Fiverr actually reads my blog...crossing my fingers on that one...things may change a little. Ok so here are the positive and negative things about it in no particular order. (I'm updating this blog because I actually think they read this)

Positive features
1) It keeps track of your priority tasks and actually has a time clock set on each one and not just express gigs...kudos to that. I love being kept on track I'm a hardcore procrastinator.

2) I like the analytics feature. In some ways it can really help and really hurt a seller...only time will tell how well I do. 

3) I like how the gig's are organized with the tile set up. it has a clear look to it. I can't wait until the storefront feature comes out. Hmmm I think I will need to hire a Fiverr seller for my banner. I have a few in mind.

4) I like how it shows all of your sales info and it's all right in front of you. You don't have to go to the revenues tab. I'm a creature of habit so I still go to the revenues page.

5) It has a more modern look like Pinterest or Etsy with the tiles. If this is what some of the seed money paid for kudos to your web developers. Give them a raise. Soon all the other gig businesses will be out of business trying to compete.

Negative features (here's where I may get brutal Shai,  Micha, Natalie, and whoever else in charge of what goes on at Fiverr.)
You did away with a lot of the stuff that made Fiverr awesome over the last year. And a few of the things I am going to mention have been around since Fiverr has.

1) Where did the collections go? it's now called saved gigs and i really don't want to re-save gigs i had previously collected. If the collections are there I can't find them. Collections made Fiverr so cool because if you built up a lot of collections and a large following it could help you get noticed more. It was a way to manipulate the algorithm because if you put one of your gigs in your collection people would notice you.

2) In the requested gigs in the newer version a seller can't answer a job unless he has 95% gig rating or higher. It also limits how many sellers can answer a job. I admit that a few of my gigs are low 90's percentile but most of them are 100% or high 90's percentile. I will never reach top rated seller and I am trying to get back up to high 90's but I have plateaued at 93-94%. 

3) It's much harder to find a seller now because the sorting feature doesn't work as good as it did. (I swear these guys read the blog because things changed the next day). There used to be a feature where you could sort by rating and percentage,  by newest gig, by haz video, Express gig, and auto sort. Now it's back again but it's not as easy to use as the previous version. Now it's all jumbled in my humble opinion. If I were a buyer and had it on "Auto" I would buy something within the first 20-30 gigs and that may be giving unrated and new gigs a chance but what about veteran sellers?

4) Orders that were cancelled and are no longer active are still sitting in the priority gigs. I'm not sure if that is a glitch...but it's kinda irritating. Maybe it will get fixed.

5) The search bar seems to act wacky too because it doesn't find all the gigs you're looking for. I can find most of my gigs if i search by keyword but could a customer? It seems like unless someone is updating all the time and active every hour their analytics will go to the toilet. Still kinda confused how all of this works but I do know that a lot of the veteran sellers are going to be left out of the loop with version 2.0. Analytics are great but the algorithm is a tad off.

Overall Fiverr v2 is decent, but it's not for everyone. The basic consumer or seller will not catch on to it right now. It's not a get up and go kinda thing. Try it and see if you like it. If you don't you can always switch back. I have been switching back and forth a few times now.

Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day. :)

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