Tuesday, June 11, 2013

How to manage late orders and angry customers

 Hey Fiverrtastic Readers,
Ok so this was supposed to be a daily blog. That was my goal over the course of the next year. Although I have not royally failed...I have not been able to complete fresh, daily content. My orders on Fiverr are building up significantly and I am becoming more busy than what I ever have before. I guess when you're good at a skill people just want to order bigger projects and they keep coming back. So here's what I'm going to promise...for now on this blog will be semi-daily if not daily. I have made readers wait weeks on end sometimes for new content and that's not fair. I want to discuss a really cool handmade goods seller on Fiverr in the next few days and I have plans for other seller features as well. So without further ado let me give you some advice on how to handle late orders and angry customers.

5) Do not take on jobs that are beyond your skill set. If you can't do the job decline it because in the end you will either be cancelling or getting a negative review. If worse comes to worse find someone who is qualified and have the buyer offer you a finders fee for helping them find the other seller.

4) Do not leave negative feedback when a client leaves negatives. If anything say something positive about the experience and leave a thumbs up. BE HUMBLE.

3) Try and get all the details of the job in the first few conversations. If you are unsure what the client wants message them again. If the deadline runs out...Don't cancel. Message the client first and ask if they want the order completed and delivered with the intent of an IOU. If they are a regular customer they will understand.

2) Be friendly, courteous, and welcoming. No matter how many times a customer messages you or orders off you always welcome them with open arms. This has it's own boundaries though. If a customer leaves a negative review, late cancels, acts rude, demeaning, or abusive you have the right to not accept their orders. Furthermore you have the right to report them. If they order off you out of spite and they are unbearable to deal with have Fiverr cancel the order administratively. Support loves to deal with customers.

1) Never take out your anger on another customer or family. Work life stays in the virtual world. Once you leave your desk do not think about work until you are near your computer again. Set office hours or set a timer on your phone or computer if you need to. Never overwork yourself.

Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day.

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