Saturday, June 29, 2013

No good will come of this

Hey Fiverrtastic readers and Fiverr community,
           I'm here today to talk about a few things. First off I'm kinda irked with how Fiverr's new pet project is literally destroying once productive sellers. Some people aren't getting any orders at all thanks to version 2. I haven't got steady orders in days and the orders i do get are few and far between. I have got 4 orders in a week and 1 cancelled because he misread my gig! The algorithms suck and the analytics are a way for Fiver to place a scarlet letter on productive sellers. Seriously, if you were to go into Walmart and You see a digital scorecard that said Jane does 300 transactions a day but out of that 300 she has to get 60 manager overrides would you think differently of her capabilities? Or if it were a call center and the automated message said the caller who will answer your call takes approximately 15 minutes to finish your call. Would you hang up only to be bounced around to another possibly less qualified support staff. Seriously, buyers are going to start avoiding sellers who had a significant number of cancellations, even if it's not their fault. Even if they haven't had many cancellations over the course of the current year. What happens when people quit selling? What happens when people don't buying? Fiverr don't make payroll and they'll need to start looking elsewhere like advertisers for their site or more investor seed money.

      We as sellers should be praised for what we do and not chastised for what we don't. There should be an option on Fiverr where we can transfer the gig to another qualified seller. What a million dollar idea Fiverr will never listen to! Just like Professor Puppet's idea of allowing people to be able to order gig extras and multiples in one gig. It would sure save all of us a hell of a lot of time and actually get even higher dividends. I have been on Fiverr almost 3 years and I literally have to look on other freelance sites for work. Why because Fiver can't decide if I'm a level 2 or a basic seller. Oh that's right their robots can't. The humans have no control over "levels" they have control over who becomes a Top Rated Seller.

         Another thing that's bothering me is people on the forum are talking about hackers. If you get a suspicious email promising larger sums of money to work outside of fiverr report it immediately. I also want to address all the spammers in my Facebook page...stop spamming other peoples posts. You spam my post I will ban you. If I like your gig I'll post it for everyone else to see. Lastly, I want to send a word out to my moderators and content creators. Lately the page isn't as active as it should be...that's my fault too. I want to tell you all that I don't mind you promoting your own gig or promoting anything Fiverr related. I really do not appreciate when the page isn't active and then people start promoting thier own gigs and not others gigs. It's Fiverrtastic because we look for gigs on Fiverr that are original, mind blowing and "fantastic". So please everyone I do not like any kind of spam. With that said I got orders to complete. Surprising I know. Until next time have a Fiverrtastic day.

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