Friday, June 28, 2013

I will not sit quietly

 Hey Fiverrtastic readers,
To all who read this thank you it's amazing that you support my blog. What you read may shock you, disappoint you, or downright piss you off. So be warned. Over the last week I have been force fed the new Fiverr and at first it was ok. I actually wanted to try it out. When I did, I liked it but I knew that it needed some changes. It had a few things that needed tweaking but for the most part it was "actually different than the rest of the gig sites". In order to revolutionize the microjob industry and compete with other gig sites Fiverr had to change like they did.

 Here's what pisses me off though Fiverr and it's Top Rated Sellers, (not saying any of them are bad I'm friends with quite a few on Facebook) are literally making this new Fiverr not so Fiverrtastic. Last time I checked they were making 20% of everyone's sales. What would happen if their 1.8 million gigs turned into ohhhh i don't know 250,000 gigs? maybe 100,000 gigs? or maybe even under 25,000 gigs. That's quite the decline right. With that kind of decline their website wouldn't do so hot. Ok so why is Josh going off on a tangent. Maybe because I have been a successful level 2 seller since levels came out and lost my level badge for a 2nd time in a year now. My level badge allows me to make more revenue and without a badge people don't take me seriously. Considering I've been on here almost 3 years and don't have top rated seller status. 

I was told I don't have unique enough gigs and that a few of my gigs have too many negative feedback. Ok, the whole concept of a good Fiverr seller is to have a variety of gigs not fall into one niche. I can name 10 sellers off the top of my head who probably sell only one specific service, but yet they're "unique". Most of My  negatives were given to me by buyers who have not used Fiverr in more than 6 months, buyers who frequently gave negative reviews, or bought multiple services only to use their favorites. I am literally growing tired with how Fiverr is starting to treat people if they aren't top rated sellers or customers. I have the same percentage as an inactive Top Rated Seller right now. Not going to name names...that's not how I roll. If he came back selling green screen videos for extra money, he would still be a Top Rated Seller or come back as a Level 2 seller.

I am growing tired because now every message I get from customers I have to hustle to get gigs. When I had a levels badge it spoke for itself and people would just order and if they had questions they would ask me. I am also growing tired with the Fiverr storefront crap. Sorry but if they are going to reject every damn banner I submit, when I put time and effort into creating them, they can go punt. Here take a look at the rejected banner I made and give me your thoughts.

 (I own the rights to all the pictures and I created them myself...yet they were rejected. Conspiracy quite possibly...too damn picky ya that's what i'm aiming toward!)

I will just leave the banner part empty and it can look like the original Fiverr page I'm used to. All I can say is this much...if you prefer the old Fiverr those days are gone!!! The platform has changed and honestly I feel like I'm on Pinterest or Facebook...but with cheap services. Maybe I'll get used to it soon and stop my bitching, but for now things just aren't what they used to be. Fiverr used to have it's own thing where people wanted to actually know what it i'm not sure what it is. The next blog will be sooner than you think and have a Fiverrtastic weekend.

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